About Us

Our Mission

To make the indoor air we breathe cleaner

Our Vision

Utilize science and technology to improve the environment and human health

Our Values

Be passionate about what we do and the impact we can make in the world.

Our Culture

Delivering a healthy lifestyle one breath at a time

Our unique strategy addresses the technical elements and more importantly the human element for business recovery from COVID-19.  Our goal is to create customer, employee, and community confidence in your place of business.  We do this by using the latest technology and science with proven products and services to certify your facility as a safe place.


The new normal of doing business in a post-pandemic world will start with demonstrating a commitment to facility safety and creating a safe environment for employees and customers.  Our belief is that every indoor facility from residential to retail to industrial needs unique solutions to meet the specific needs of its employees and customers.

We believe to provide the best indoor air quality one size does not fit all.  Our experts provide training, site audits, design, exposure response and crisis management that accompany our hardware solutions that are all tailored to the people and operations at specific sites.  We offer a complete site solutions laser focused on the idea that through building infection prevention an organization also builds resiliency, continuity of operations and crisis management so that its people and operations thrive in crisis.